Lighting a path to freedom by sharing mindfulness, ethics & compassion practices with people impacted by incarceration.

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The Boundless Freedom Project embodies the powerful notion that “A Little Help Can Make A Big Change,” demonstrating that every individual has the capacity to contribute to profound societal transformation. This initiative thrives on the compassion and dedication of volunteers who are the lifeblood of its mission to foster freedom and support for those in need. Volunteering with the Boundless Freedom Project offers a multitude of pathways to make a significant impact, whether through direct community engagement, educational programs, or advocacy efforts. By dedicating your time, skills, and passion, you become part of a collective force driving towards a future where freedom and dignity are accessible to all. The project invites people from all walks of life to join in various capacities – from organizing events, facilitating workshops, to raising awareness on social media. This is more than just volunteering; it’s an opportunity to empower, learn, and grow alongside the communities you serve. Engaging with the Boundless Freedom Project not only brings about change in the lives of others but enriches your own, offering a fulfilling experience that underscores the impact of collective action in creating a more equitable and free world. Let’s come together to make a big change with each little help we can offer, because when we unite for a cause, our potential is limitless.

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Representation & Humanizing Language

The Boundless Freedom Project is dedicated to ensuring our organization mirrors the diverse communities we serve. In pursuit of this, we consciously integrate the perspectives of individuals who have been directly affected by the criminal justice system across all organizational levels, including our board, staff, and volunteer teams. Acknowledging that incarceration disproportionately affects certain communities, we are deliberate in our efforts to represent and advocate for those most affected.

In line with our values, the Boundless Freedom Project places a strong emphasis on the use of humanizing language. We consciously avoid terms like “inmate,” “convict,” “prisoner,” “ex-con,” and “felon” when referring to the individuals we support. Instead, we adopt people-first language, referring to those we work with as individuals, brothers, sisters, friends, community members, persons experiencing incarceration, individuals living inside prison, sangha members, and formerly incarcerated persons. We believe in the transformative power of words to affirm and uphold the inherent dignity of every individual. Learn more about our commitment to humanizing language here.


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