How we serve

Volunteers are at the heart of Boundless Freedom Project, and we’re so grateful for the work they do to provide powerful, life-changing programming for participants across California prisons.

Volunteer with us

Being of service, seva, is at the heart of our organization. We rely on the generosity of individuals to support our programs and organization. We believe our liberation is tied up together and we all have a role to play in cultivating Boundless Freedom for all.

Volunteering in Prisons & Jails

Volunteering inside carceral environments is a challenging and very rewarding experience.

Inside Volunteers are a Lifeline

In the 1970’s, prisons moved away from a rehabilitation model and towards a strictly punitive system. Today, although some rehabilitative services exist, they are almost never paid for by the Department of Corrections. So, almost all current programs are run by nonprofits. Volunteers who go inside, have a profound impact on quality of life for incarcerated people.

Acknowledging Trauma

Prisons perpetuate trauma. Do no harm is an integral part of Buddhist ethics, and as volunteers we aim to always create safe, non-threatening program spaces. Boundless Freedom Project volunteers are trauma-informed and we incorporate this into our groups.

The first step towards creating those safe and sacred spaces is to recognize and appreciate the humanity of our participants. We always respect personal space, welcome all types of practices and lineages, and allow for different levels of participation. Within our groups, we establish clear norms, expectations, and boundaries.