Lighting a path to freedom by sharing mindfulness, ethics & compassion practices with people impacted by incarceration.

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OUR Mission

Lighting a path to freedom by sharing mindfulness, ethics & compassion practices with people impacted by incarceration.

OUR Vision

May we live in a just and equitable world where all beings are free.


People affected by incarceration are underserved and they equally benefit from the practices and tools that have changed our lives and the lives of so many practitioners. Every person, even those who are locked in cages, are a part of the broader human sangha. We aim to reconnect these people with community and to remind the outside world that we are all tied to one another.


We continue to expand and develop our offerings of Buddhist services and mindfulness programs both for our sanghas inside prison and in support of returning citizens. We share meditation, mindfulness and movement practices, encourage healing and creativity, co-create safe and inclusive communities (sanghas), advocate for decarceration, and support artists, Buddhists, change agents, dharma practitioners, meditators, teachers, and movement facilitators interested in working in the prison system!

“The practice of Buddhism has affected every single area of my life. I am at peace with who I am and I love resting in the freedom, happiness, and peace that I have discovered within.”

Al P.
Inside sangha member, CSP Solano

2020, Covid-19 & In-Person Programming

In March 2020 we recommended a temporary suspension of all in-person programs dependent on how the COVID19 situation unfolded and the CDCR’s readiness to handle the spread. In the months since then all California prisons have been under strict lockdown with disproportionate amounts of COVID19 spreading throughout the prison system.

Three months into the statewide prison lockdown, George Floyd was murdered and massive uprisings swept the country. Between the inhumane prison conditions and widespread acknowledgement of systemic violence, the importance of bringing meditation, mindfulness, compassion and wisdom practices into the prisons became ever apparent.

With our traditional method of in-prison programming halted indefinitely, we saw an opportunity to use the lockdown to find clarity and alignment around who we are as an organization, what is truly important in this service work, and how we want to go about affecting change.

Ayla Benjamin
Executive Director, Boundless Freedom Project

Boundless Freedom Project

Buddhist Pathways Prison Project is now Boundless Freedom Project.

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